Jan 13 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Comes into Service Competition Era

Twin shaft concrete mixer plays an important role in the process of urbanization construction. In traditional model of development, the competition of twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers is usually price war, which leads to that a factory is difficult to have long-term development. Along with the development of the era, this kind of development model must hold up the steps of the enterprise, and an enterprise is difficult to have rapid development. The twin shaft concrete mixer industry transition is imminent.


twin shaft concrete mixer


With the improvement of people consumption consciousness, when purchasing twin shaft concrete mixer, they no longer singly focus on price, and begin to pay close attention to price and service. Construction machinery industry has entered into the era of service competition, service quality is the survival of the enterprise, such as Germany, Belgium, Japan and the United States, some famous engineering machinery enterprises all have a strong and complete industry chain, in marketing, service and after-sale link, they have built good profit model, and formed the advantage of sustainable development. With the change of people’s consumption patterns, “service” comes into another product of enterprise in market economy competition, create the value for the enterprise from another dimension. Twin shaft concrete mixer industry has come into an era of service competition.


Jan 13 2016

SICOMA Concrete Mixer and Other Machines Sent to Southeast Asia

On January 8, 2016, Daswell SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer and crew conveyors were sent to Southeast.

Twin shaft concrete machine not only can work independently, but also can work with supporting PLD concrete batching machine to form a simple concrete batch plant. SICOMA twin shaft concrete machine adopts Germany advanced technology and has double mixing shaft, so it has unique advantages than common best cement mixer. Screw conveyor is special equipment that uses rotating spiral blades to propel materials continuously in a closed shell with circular section. The main parts are imported from Italy SICOMA company, such as gear box, blades, universal joint, etc.

sicoma concrete mixer

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