Dec 21 2015

Role of Concrete Batching Plant in Construction Market

Concrete mixing plant consists of concrete mixer, concrete dosing machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, control system, weighing system and so on. Due to the mechanization and high degree of automation of concrete batching plant, it can ensure the quality of concrete. So Daswell concrete batching plant sis often used in large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridges, construction engineering, etc. The wide range of market demand determines the rapid development of concrete mixing station.

One of the concrete mixing station’s advantages is better reflected in its excellent mixing function. Concrete mixing station adopts dual-axial concrete mixer as the host machine, and the product has reasonable design and structure, novel layout, convenient operation and maintenance, which can stir harsh, plasticity, fluidity, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar with high production efficiency.

concrete batching plant

The other benefit of the concrete mixing station is reflected in the close match of its parts. The material of the parts match together in an orderly way. Automatic control can well save labor costs, and have more accurate measurement, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the concrete mixing station.


Dec 21 2015

Role of Concrete Batching Plant in Construction Market

Enter winter, the weather, temperature and other irresistible reasons will lead to the slow process of concrete batching plant construction.So, the construction of the concrete mixing station needs to grasp the good time and plans ahead, in order to construct a good site, which is used to ensure the reasonable use of production time.

concrete batching plant

Generally speaking, the reasonable construction time of concrete mixing station is in the September to November of the lunar calendar in winter. Because in this time, the weather is not too cold, and the construction cannot be stopped because of the rain and snow. During this period of time, the concrete mixing station construction needs to install machine well in time, after the commissioning, start working next year. After entering in December, the weather gradually becomes cold, and because of fast entering into the end of the year and the decreasing temperature, which limit the operation. If not timely constructing site, then it may cause it cannot keep pace with time, which wastes time and work and does more harm than good.


Dec 18 2015

Proper Selection of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

For large construction site, mobile concrete batching plant is vital. DAswell mobile concrete batching plant meets the needs of the construction site through the mixing of powder material, mixed stirring, water and additives to make concrete. Our concrete batching plant host adapts double shaft forced mixer, uses the latest design concept of electronic weighing, computer controlling, digital display and other control technology to produce the high quality of concrete and meet the needs of the construction unit.

concrete batching plant

Mobile concrete batching plant design is according to the market demand. Before concrete batching plant is under construction, we first need to know the demand, and then choose the appropriate batching plant. If you do not know the market mobile concrete batch plants, it may lead to oversupply or shortage situation, which are all very not ideal choices.


Dec 17 2015

Five Installation Rules of Concrete Mixing Plant

1, in the process of concrete mixing station installation, pay more attention to whether the cement silo body tilt and leg deformation, if there are such cases, solve problem in time, and don’t wait for a problem to repair.

2, in the process of installation, weld the bottom of the leg and foundation embedded parts well, solid foundation can ensure mechanical stability.

3, before installing the machine, fired foundation is essential.

concrete batching plant

4, in the working course of concrete mixing plant, it is forbidden to strong impact on leg and warehouse, such as loading car movement or feeding materials and so on, if found the situation, there must be timely manner of the leg replacement or leg fixed.

5, after working a period of time, regularly check equipment dust bag, do a timely manner of cleaning up cement, and add oil to the pneumatic pump.


Dec 17 2015

Seize Concrete Mixing plant Maintenance focus Is Important

As a large machine, concrete mixing plant must arise all kinds of conditions in the process of using. Experience shows that serious mechanical failure is often triggered by some of the smaller faults.These faults need to be paid attention and timely maintained to avoid a major accident.

1, according to the maintenance procedure, regularly maintain and repair concrete mixing plant and a variety of groups should be carried out as required. Existing maintenance and repair of different specifications is the summary of the practice experience for many years, which has its scientific nature and rationality. In the absence of significant technological progress and innovation, the regulation of engineering machinery repair and maintenance guide is absolute, which must comply with them.

concrete batching plant

2, in use process, operator should strengthen the regular and irregular inspection of concrete mixing plant. Regular do the inspection: inspection on winding ascension brake and appropriate adjustments; check pumps and throttle, whether there is leakage phenomenon; inspection on open gear grease and adjust the belt tightness; check the blade and liner wear situation, and take into consideration the replacement.


Dec 16 2015

Planetary Concrete Mixer Assists Construction Industry

With the continuous development of national infrastructure construction, real estate construction, road and railway construction have developed quickly in our country, which has brought the very big development space for our country’s construction machinery. In recent years, the crushed materials are increasing every year, but as there are more and more manufacturers on the market, the market competition is increasing, and construction equipment market faces fierce competition. As a result, construction machinery with high content of science and technology, saving energy and reducing consumption is a general trend for the industry future development.

Planetary concrete mixer is a new kind of concrete mixer of Daswell. Daswell optimizes the structure of traditional concrete mixer, greatly improves the mixing and discharging ways of concrete mixer, and makes the production capacity and the stability of the machine greatly increased.

planetary concrete mixer

Planetary concrete mixer has been widely used in construction, building materials and other fields, and also has obvious advantage. Planetary concrete mixer has become the latest favor in the field of construction industry.


Dec 16 2015

Portable Batching Plant Is Equipped with Better Features

Portable batching plant has wonderful features in market to seize customers’ interests. Daswell portable batching plant has good environmental performance and highly reliable performance.


Daswell portable batching plant all the powder materials are filled under the closed state from feeding, dosing, metering, ingredients to discharging; dust exhausting tubes of concrete mixer’s cover, cement measuring pocket, and fly ash measuring pocket are connected to the dust collector, dust sheet is set at aggregate filling mouth, thereby reducing dust emissions; totally-enclosed stirring and main belt conveyor structure greatly reduce the dust and noise pollution to the environment; adopt negative pressure dust removal type and special fiber filter cloth, which make the dust into the cement silo filter completely without spreading around when feeding, and the collected dust is easy to recycle, effectively protecting the environment.


portable batching plant


What is more, Daswell portable batching plant’s mixing blades adopt unique high chromium manganese alloy wear resistant material, shaft end bearing support and seal form adopt unique multiple seal, greatly improving the reliability of the host; for regular hit and vulnerability parts, adopt reinforcing steel plate in the department.


Dec 15 2015

Parsing Site Planning of Concrete Batching Plant

The site planning of concrete batching plant is very important, which is able to complete the establishment of the stable foundation, so we should attach great importance to the site planning of concrete mixing station.

First, concrete batching plant needs to be equipped with 1-2 pool, which must guarantee the concrete batching plant mixing work and mechanical cleaning needs. A production line is equipped with at least 2 cement tanks, it is best can be 4 tanks, take turns to use and timely supple, which can meet the needs of the production of the concrete batching plant and no cement backlog.

concrete batching plant

Second, concrete batching plant site area should be big enough.Yard area should be large enough to satisfy the consumption need, and can be convenient to organize feed supplement; sand is dividually piled up to prevent wrong material mixing ratio.

Third, concrete pump can meet the delivery distance, height and concrete supply. Generally, before arrangement of concrete mixer, use the pump pipe to connect to casting, also we can decorate the site near the pouring with concrete mixer truck.


Dec 15 2015

Safety Management Is the Important for Concrete Batching Plant Operation

Concrete batching plant’s safety management must adhere to the policy of “safety and prevention first”, constantly update and improve the level of safety technology, effectively eliminate the unsafe factors in the equipment operation, and ensure project property and personal safety. What we should do as the following:

First, keep an eye on mechanical instrument lights of concrete batching plant and ensure the safety of mechanical operation and mechanical maintenance.

concrete batching plant

Second, strictly control the use of electrical equipment, the native personnel shall not start switch, and do not use the undesirable fuse; cut off the power when you leave the job, and when problems occur, we should ask for electrician.

Third, security inspection personnel shall be responsible for the concrete batching plant equipment, and remove equipment failure in the bud.


Dec 11 2015

Diesel Concrete Mixer to European

JZR concrete mixer is a concrete mixer with diesel engine and JZR350DH is the hot sales type with hydraulic lifting. The diesel engine powered concrete mixer is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. It is mainly used in construction sites, road engineering, bridge construction, etc. Diesel engine powered concrete mixer, according to different feeding ways, it can realize hoist hopper feeding and skip hopper feeding. The concrete mixer with diesel engines also can be dragged to move by two wheels. It is easy to operate by electrical control box.

A set of Daswell 350DH concrete mixer was exported to European on February 9, 2015.

Daswell is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery and you are welcomed to visit our factory and the working site.

diesel concrete mixer

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